Our Message to Students 

One-on-one makes the difference. One of the most important factors that might be missing from a more complete academic experience at school, that might be keeping you from reaching a full understanding of topics is individual attention. We are sure you will agree that you are often expected to just move on to the next topic in class and there are  questions that remain unanswered and doubts that remain uncleared.
The tutors at Excel are highly qualified, having studied the particular subjects at a much higher level,  to answer all your questions and ensure that you have a full grasp of all the concepts and are fully prepared for your next quiz, test or exam. The Excel tutor, using their experience of tutoring in your particular subject(s),  will be quick to recognize areas that you need more help in and will alert you to areas that you need to focus your attention on to get the best out of your education.

You can feel at home - literally! Excel brings tutoring to your home, and it is not just a matter of convenience and security for your parents and your self. In addition to that, we want to address another issue. You are told time and again that “there is no such thing as a stupid question”. But, we know there is such a thing as peer pressure. At times, we all feel anxious raising our hand to admit that we don’t understand, especially in the midst of our peers. At your home, you need not hesitate to ask questions or make mistakes. Your Excel tutor is by your side to answer those questions and correct you, and thus  guide you towards a complete understanding of your subject material.

Not just a tutor. Along with being well qualified, your Excel tutor is determined to instigate improvement in your academic performance, and is invested in your results as your performance is his/her performance too. Ultimately, with the expertise and mentorship of your Excel tutor, you will be able  improve your academic abilities, leading to better grades and a brighter future.