Our Message To Parents

One-on-one makes the difference. Excel Tutoring is committed to fostering your child’s academic success and thus, has adopted the one-on-one teaching approach that is effective in improving a student’s academic ability than a learning centre setting. Learning centres require parents to buy into monthly contracts with the rationale of long-term skill building but are able to provide a student-to-tutor ratio of around 3-to-one, if not worse. One-on-one is just that - one tutor focuses on your child for the duration of the session. It forms an ideal learning environment as it allows the tutor to adapt his/her teaching style to the learning style and potential of your child. This type of personal attention promotes an open, synergistic interaction between the tutor and the student that allows the tutor to clearly identify the student’s weaknesses, target them systematically and provide immediate corrective feedback. This is probably what is missing in the a class-based setting at school, where even the most effective of teachers must move on to the next lesson even if some students have not understood the topic. This already puts those students at a disadvantage at the very beginning of the next topic, since most education is incremental, and the pattern perpetuates.

A one-on-one tutor comes into the picture to break this very pattern. Your child can have their doubts cleared and receive regular feedback that he/she is indeed meeting the requirements of the curriculum. You, as the parent, do not have to wait for a report card to discover that the basics are missing! Continued support through one-on-one tutoring ensures that your child is being effectively educated, thus preparing him/her for a successful higher education and, ultimately, a successful career.  

More than just a tutor. At Excel Tutoring, we understand that every student is unique and requires individualized help. Our carefully selected highly qualified tutors specialize in providing such personalized education and tailor their teaching style according to students' needs. Our tutors not only explain and demonstrate the subject material in a concise and simple manner but also inspire students to become life-long learners with organizational skills and effective study habits. In a very real sense, our tutors are not just tutors but mentors.

All this - At your convenience. Excel Tutoring provides tutors who can work according to the time and place that is convenient to you. We understand that students and parents have many demands on their time. Excel Tutoring provides you with a tutor who works based on your availability. Our tutors maintain a flexible schedule such that parents are not restricted to the times fixed by learning centres. Moreover, our tutors will work in the privacy and comfort of your own home or a public meeting place like your neighbourhood library.

Convenience - At an affordable rate. We expect you to seek the expertise of our tutors and, in turn, expect you to receive their services at times that are convenient to your family and in the comfort of your own home. But, unlike our competitors in this region, we do not expect you to pay exorbitant prices. At Excel Tutoring, we strongly believe that the pursuit of a more complete education and a brighter future must not come at the cost of putting a financial burden on students or their families.