Elementary and middle school. Kindergarten - Grade 8 

Elementary and middle school education lays the foundation for future learning and success. Students build upon their elementary education to succeed in their higher years of formal education. Therefore, at Excel, we strive to construct a solid educational launch pad for primary school age children in preparation to take off  towards higher learning and future success.

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors will customize their approach specifically to begin at your child’s present skill level and begin building a skill set that can meet, if not surpass, the Ontario curriculum standards .

We offer tutoring services to build and strengthen three core areas needed for successful academic development:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

For reading and writing, our tutors pay special attention in areas such as vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, sentence structure and critical thinking to improve your child’s English language proficiency.

Similarly, for Mathematics, we focus on key concepts of number sense, geometry and elementary algebra that are necessary to help your child progress from counting to solving complex problems.