High school. Grades 9 - 12 

At Excel Tutoring, we understand how important high school education is to a student’s academic future. Today, it has become vital that the high school student graduate with a thorough understanding of underlying concepts in a core subject areas in order to ensure a successful entry into higher education or the employment force.

Whether it is mathematics, the sciences or language, Excel provides specialized tutors for every subject area taught at the high school level. We go to great lengths to ensure that the tutors we select possess a high level of knowledge, qualification and experience that can be utilized during a one-on-one tutoring session to explain complex concepts in an elegant and effective way. Furthermore, our tutors are highly motivated to stimulate the necessary change in learning habits to ensure that students' academic achievement is in line with their goals.

We start by offering an academic assessment of the student (at no charge, of course!) to determine the proficiency and level of understanding in a particular subject. Through this evaluation, we determine exactly what skills the student is missing or needs additional guidance on. Tutors take into consideration insight generated from the assessment as well as the student's academic background and tailor their tutoring sessions. This builds the sturdy foundation of a fruitful student-tutor relationship such that the learning objectives at that grade level are met and the student's progress is optimal.