Excel Tutoring was not the only company with in-home tutoring that we've tried for my daughter, but the personality fit and enthusiasm of the tutor took the learning process to the next level. Amanda's math skills improved substantially, which was reflected in her final grades. The team at Excel was easy to approach and friendly. I'd highly recommend it to my friends and family. 

Anthony, Amanda's father, Mississauga ON


Excel was wonderful with my son. The tutor understood his needs and my son could not wait for the next session. Worth the learning and worth the price!

Sanya, mother of gr 10 student, Brampton ON

Really enjoyed the experience with the tutor. Camille helped my daughter in most of the areas she was struggling, and she has now shown much improvement with her marks. Thanks!

Mother of Shani (gr 7 French), Brampton ON

We really like Excel’s consultation and tutoring services. Excel’s representative came to our home for an evaluation of my daughter for grade 12 Chemistry. In addition to the evaluation, he spent about an hour consulting us on the choice of university, relevant areas of higher education & programs offered by universities, the admissions process and choices for financing the higher education (OSAP vs. student loans). The most essential part is that all of this was offered without a cost or any obligations. In addition, the tutor (Sarah) they sent was great. She knew her material inside out and helped my daughter. Thanks for all your help and guidance!

Michael, Alexandra's father, Mississauga ON

My son has been struggling with writing essays and breaking down complex writing assignments into smaller, easier tasks. An excellent tutor from Excel Tutoring, Nina has been very helpful to my son. She has helped him set his goals to improve his writing and taught him how to achieve them. She gives him homework regularly and checks it the next session. She has set up a schedule for my son and tries to keep him on the schedule. We have seen improvements in his writing and teachers at school have also noticed this. Thanks Nina! Thanks Excel!

Carolyn, Sam's mother, Vaughan ON

I was in a desperate need of a tutor for my son who was struggling in grade 11 English. He took the course in summer school after performing poorly in regular school year. Even in summer school, his grades were inadequate. When we contacted Excel, their representative set us up with a great tutor who was able to help my son achieve a B+ average after the final exam. We are highly impressed with our tutor and the service at Excel. Thank you!

Harjinder W., Vikram's mother, Brampton ON

Thank you, Excel Tutoring! My daughter, Carla, was struggling with two very important courses in grade 11 -  Math at 42%, and Physics at 39%. We had no idea how to help her with her studies. Luckily, we came across Excel Tutoring on the internet and they provided us with an evaluation session which helped in determining where Carla was struggling the most. From the very first phone call, we received excellent service from Excel’s staff and instructors. The evaluation was free! We felt that they really cared for Carla’s education. Carla felt very comfortable with Susan, the assigned tutor. Susan was a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced tutor. She was punctual and conducted the sessions in an organized manner. My daughter showed significant improvement in both subjects and her final mark was  71% in Math and 63% in Physics. I would highly recommend Excel Tutoring to anyone who needs extra help with their child’s studies. Sincerely,

Catherine M., Carla’s mother, Mississauga ON

We are extremely happy and satisfied with our experience to date with Excel. We were not sure what to expect when we signed up initially, but Ross (our son’s tutor) is highly reliable and relates extremely well with our son, Daniel. We have noticed that Daniel now looks forward to his tutoring sessions and has started taking serious interest in his studies. The guidance and knowledge Ross has provided seems to have made Daniel more confident, which has reflected in his improved grades. Daniel has improved from 67% in his gr10 math course to 81% at present. We thank Excel for introducing Daniel to Ross.

Maya & James, Daniel’s parent,  Brampton ON

I contacted Excel for my tutoring needs after hearing about their services from a family friend. They set me up with an experienced tutor and I think she did a great job. What I really liked was that she cared whether or not I understood the material and would quiz me on it. She was very good at simplifying tough concepts. I would recommend Excel to anyone looking for an effective tutor.

Robin J., grade 12 student, Mississauga ON

I would like to thank Excel Tutoring and Mohammed (the tutor) for helping my daughter Silvia. She was struggling with Calculus, Chemistry and Biology. Mohammed, being a Master’s student, brought a high level of knowledge and understanding of subject matter. His teaching style was phenomenal and Silvia connected with him very well. She was able to improve her mark by about 10%-15% in each course and got an admission in the program and university of her choice. Thank you Excel! I recommend Excel Tutoring to every parent who wishes to help their kids with academics.

Doug S., Silvia’s father, Mississauga ON

Great service, great tutor, great staff, very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend to everyone looking for tutoring services.

Matthew D., Laila’s (gr 8) father, Toronto ON